Claude Davis’s The Lost Ways Survival Guide Review

The Lost Ways Survival Guide by Claude Davis, a survival expert, can be considered among the best survival books available for the modern society. He has written this guide in an old fashioned way to make you believe his content. The book provides insight into some of the most feared experiences of mankind. It enlightens you on survival skills that might come in handy in case of disruption of civil order or the natural world.

What does it cover?

Maybe you are wondering what kind of survival skills are actually covered inside this book and what practical info is provided. Every chapter covers a different and unique survival skill that is vital in taking care of yourself as well as your family during a man-made or natural disaster.

Remember that it is a 350-page survival guide, so in this the lost ways review it is impossible to list all the topics, but this will give you a rough idea:

  • Cooking – It covers the skill required to build a traditional smokehouse as well as how to smoke meats such as fish. It also teaches you how to make survival baked bread, make beer, and other alcohol.
  • Water – It teaches you how to effectively and safely collect water and store it to keep yourself ready in case of drought or other calamities.
  • Housing – It teaches how our forefathers built large, firm underground houses that housed multiple families.
  • Hunting – It addresses how to hunt animals and how to construct animal traps.
  • Poultices – It also covers how to use traditional herbs to make adhesives that can get rid of infections and heal woods.

What are the pillars of this guide?

There are 3 main ideas that seem to inspire this program:

The belief that disasters will occur – The book advances the notion that one day we will be faced with a disaster of one form or another, which will be beyond our control. Thus the need for being ready, lest we die.

The notion of the survival for the fittest – The book brings forth the idea that history has proven that when disasters arises, it’s always every man or woman for himself/herself.
Empowering individuals to control their life – This is seen by the fact that they book recommends taking proactive steps to either withstand or forestall disasters.

What do you get?

The Lost Ways Book also comes with 2 useful bonus offers. They are, – A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Own Can Rotation System and What Every Survivalist Should Grow in his Backyard.’

What are the benefits?

  • You learn valuable lessons that you can apply anytime.
  • You get one of the best survival books in the world.
  • The book is available in both print and digital forms.
  • The program is easy to read and follow.

What are the drawbacks?

It doesn’t have any audio or video tutorial.
The books deal with proactive strategies instead of pre-active strategies.

The Bottom Line

The core of this book is that it echoes well with both religion and science, providing explanations on how our ancestors survived and allows you to overcome some of the worst events in life. It is a good program.

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