Amazing Selling Machine X | 2018 New Release

ASMX was founded by Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback who both have an amazing tract record at Amazon. It was founded in 2013. The program consists of 8 modules with each module comprising of videos and lessons, a three day pass to a live even at Las Vegas, lifetime membership at ASM and 1 year access to all their tools for growing your business.

It’s no secret that the desire of most people in the world is to be able to work from home. Imagine working from home and making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, living life the lavish way. Doesn’t that seem intriguing? Well, that is what most of the reviews on the Amazing Selling Machine X are all about but is it true?

It is the purpose of this article to break down to you what the ASM is and give you an honest review whether the affiliate program is amazing or not.

Amazing Selling Machine 10 review: What am I buying?

With a hefty price tag of $3,500 the ASM program is really costly and is advisable only for people who have a lot of time and are have a stable financial backing. So, once purchased what does the ASM program come with?

  • An 8 week program to help you shape your online business and teach you about the knacks of selling on Amazon.
  • Live coaching classes and guest lectures by Matt Clarke himself, which helps you to keep steady by teaching you how to scale your business from the current position.
  • Life time membership to all ASM forums and a member circle where you can interact with other entrepreneurs.
  • 7 proprietary tools which will help you to scale your business.

Drop-Ship products:

To put it all into a nut shell, all that ASM does is it teaches you how to drop and ship physical products on Amazon with a few business strategies and tools to use(for which there are many alternative). The drop ship business is one of the most popular and beneficial stays at home jobs that can be practices. But should you invest 3K to learn the business from the best before investing 10K in inventory? Yes, you definitely should.

Does it pay?

While investing in the program makes sure you have ample amount of time to spend on the computer to follow this business model. The detailed and easy to understand classes will give you a good idea of what ASM is and how you can exploit the benefits of Amazon by just investing for the inventory and then earning money while you sleep.

But the amount of money you earn will depend on your credibility base with your customers, you produce low quality products you can say bye to returns. But if you have a quality product with good margins, then you will definitely make a great profit on Amazon. But if you have a quality product with good margins, then you will definitely make a great profit on Amazon.


Although overly priced the program is highly beneficial in many ways.