Amazing Selling Machine 7 Review

While there have been some highly efficient Amazon sales courses lately, as the e-commerce giant becomes the largest globally available general store in the world, none come close to the ASM

The Amazing Selling Machine, or ASM as it’s been dubbed by fans, was created by Amazon sales experts Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback. The two have become known far and wide not only for their own success in the realm of e-commerce, but also as an e-commerce coaching powerhouse with this course. They first launched ASM in 2012 and by the Spring of 2013 the program began taking off.

In short, Amazing Selling Machine is the complete package and an A to Z course in selling anything on Amazon. The package typically includes 8 weeks of online classes, 9 software tools, and a growing online community to learn and exchange experiences with.

How it works

Through eight simple to follow modules, the course teaches you how to sell through Amazon using Fulfillment by Amazon. The package also comes with one-year access to business building tools that make it easier to organize your new Amazon business and make it profitable.

The Email Tool lets you email your Amazon customers and schedule communications with them. The Press Release to allows you to send press releases regarding your products and related news though the Emailwire service. Last but not least, the Promotion Tool lets you organize and send promotions for your products to hundreds of related websites, which drives traffic and sales to your products on Amazon.

After completing the course, there is obviously still much to be done – from sourcing and procuring the right product samples, selecting the best and most profitable products to order, ordering those in bulk from affordable manufacturers or distributors to finally getting your products delivered to Amazon and ready to be sold on their platform. Amazing Selling Machine is not intended for those who would like to dabble in Amazon sales or run a small e-commerce business on the side. The course was crafted specifically for those who plan to make some serious money by selling on Amazon, while avoiding the many rookie mistakes that most entrepreneurs make in e-commerce.


Full package – If you plan on getting serious about selling on Amazon, ASM 7 will teach you everything you need to know.

Community – The online ASM community is extremely helpful.

Easy to use – There really isn’t much to it. Some courses complicate things, but this one is easy to follow and understand.

ASM event – With the purchase of the course, you also get access to the annual ASM event in Las Vegas.


Price – ASM 7 comes with the pretty hefty price tag of almost $5000

Time – Following through on the entire course is fairly time consuming

Investment – Additional money needed for products, marketing, and actually selling on Amazon. Then again, the course is intended for those who plan to invest and make a career out of it.

In short, while Amazing Selling Machine 7 may not be for everyone, it’s an excellent helper and sometimes indispensable business coaching tool to help those who have been eyeing making a living on Amazon to get started and turn it into a real, viable, and profitable business.